Our social life has been turned upside down, as we were instructed to stay at home and limit our contacts to the bare minimum. But on the other hand, in those times, we learned to appreciate the small things in life and how important our family and friends are.

In certain parts of India, not all children are blessed with a safe environment. The Kovalam Surfclub is a local initiative, founded by Jelle Rigole (Belgian surfer), that wants to change this. With this organization, he tries to encourage and motivate the children to go to school by rewarding them with surf lessons. But only if they can prove that they have attended the classes during the week. Hence the rule “no school, no surfing”.

We are very honored to announce that because of all your purchases the past year, we were able to donate to this beautiful organization. We look forward to the future to keep on supporting these nice initiatives. We are so grateful to work together with awesome people like Jelle, who is making the world a better place!

So, thank you all!

Cheers and keep safe!

SLATE' first trip

2021 was a year full suprises and one of them was our firtst team trip to France.

You can find out about our journey here !



Everyday we are growing!

We present our 6 exclusive SLATE SURF dealers in Belgium..

Markt 61
9700 Oudenaarde

chaussée d’ixelles 319
1050 bruxelles

Weststraat 2a
4357 Domburg (Nederland)

Herenthoutseweg 202
2200 Herentals

Kerkstraat 119
8370 Blankenberge

Bruul 79
2800 Mechelen

Soene's design line

From the Southern Hemisphere we cross the big ocean back to the roots of the brand.  Starring Soene as our local designer and creator of this new collection. This summer collection will give you a
Polynesian feeling, where the choice is yours. Whether you’re a person who likes the elementary things on a shirt or a conscientious individual who sort out every detail on a design.

We introduce the “Stormrider” and the “Maori” as two shirts that will comfort you during this summer! With these basic background collars they’re everyday shirts, both short sleeves.

Enjoy it..

Nate’s design line

We will begin our SLATE SURF journey with a range of tees and sweaters designed by an Australian guy I met in Central America, Guatemala. We were travelling around seeking the good spots in that small area between Mexico and Colombia in four months. Our main activity was off course surfing and meeting interesting people during the trip. After a while you learn a lot about each other, you see the similarities in addition to the fact that our home countries are on the other side of the world. Nate’s paintings really inspired me to start up this organisation in Belgium and so here we are. He already designed for big brands like Volcom, Vonzipper, Jetpilot,…

Keep an eye on us because more lines will follow!

Johnny Cabianca


Surfboard design is a science, but it’s a lot more than that. Sometimes, what a shaper creates out of foam and glass could even be called magic.

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