Cabianca Surfboards

Johnny Cabianca knows surfboards. For the past 35 years, from São Paolo to Zarautz, Spain via Sunset Beach and Santa Cruz, he’s been mowing foam and studying the art.

Encyclopaedic in his knowledge of the finer points of modern surfboard shaping and production, Johnny has worked with the best, and, as Matt Biolos puts it: “is as good as anyone, except nobody knew it.”


But people were going to know it. Johnny started shaping boards for a talented young kid from his home beach in Maresias, Brazil. It soon turned out that this kid was beyond talented; Gabriel Medina would become a world champion. The rest is history: a legend-making match that brings us to 2016, and the start of a new era with a brand-new shaping
facility in the Basque Country.

What We Do

“With a state-of-the-art factory to experiment with new shapes and technologies, and one of the world’s best surfers to test my creations, I’m happy to say that my current collection of boards is my best work yet… what more could any shaper ask for?”

Fatum Surfboards

Born on mainland Germany, it wasn’t long before the lure of the ocean brought Gero to the North Sea island of Sylt. In order to finance his dream of a ‘surf lifestyle’ Gero started shaping and repairing boards at Paradise Customs Sylt in 1988.


It was during that time that he built a reputation as a progressive shaper. His speciality was small wave boards and longboards. Gero carved a niche for himself, literally, designing boards that allowed the user to get the most out of the sloppier Northern Sea Swells.

Having established himself in Sylt, Gero then moved to Peniche in 1996 to take his dream of a surfing lifestyle to the next level. Here, he was able to shape and surf all year round. And it is here that the idea of FATUM was conceived.
FATUM Surfboards was founded with a very straightforward approach to board design:
“Give every surfer the best possible board.”

What We Do

Peniche, with its vast array of surf breaks and surfers, was the perfect place to achieve this.
Today, with more than 30 years’ experience and over 14,000 shaped boards, FATUM Surfboards has evolved into one of the most established Surfboard Manufactures in Europe.

Despite his success, Gero insists on keeping the business small and personal. Everything is created in-house, supported by a close team.
Every owner of a Fatum custom Surfboard becomes a part of the Fatum Family. You will understand what we mean when you buy a board!


In 1982 Nick and good friend Miguel Katzenstein headed North to Ribamar (Ericeira) with the intention of “planting” a new label in the surfboard market, thus the name Semente (seed). Their location of choice (Ericeira) is what many consider as the surf Mecca of Portugal.


The quality of the waves and constant contact with excellent surfers and shapers through the years have tuned Nick’s shaping abilities. His own surfing and feed back from a solid team of surfers have enabled Semente to meet the demands of both national and travelling surfers for many years now. Nick has worked with the best surfers in Portugal throughout his career, the list of national champions is long and Semente surfboards have seen major results on their boards on the World junior tour, World qualifying series and WCT. In 2015 Nick was voted Shaper of the year at the first “Golden Globes of Surfing” in Portugal

What We Do

All Semente surfboards are designed by Nick and he is comfortable doing any type of board you need. His philosophy has always been to keep things on a personal level between shaper and surfer, and he has no plans of changing that.