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Filthy Little Thing


Standard Dimensions

Length Width Thickness Liters
5’6” 18 1/4’’ 1/8’’ 22.5
5’7” 18 3/8’’ 3/16’’ 23.6
5’8” 18 1/2’’ 1/4’’ 24.7
5’9” 18 5/8’’ 1/4’’ 25.3
5’10” 18 3/4’’ 5/16’’ 26.5
5’11” 18 7/8’’ 3/8’’ 27.7
6’0” 19’’ 1/2’’ 29.6
6’1” 19 1/4’’ 5/8’’ 31.5

Please choose your spray. In case of full board color, just e-mail us with the correct colour code to

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The “FLT” was originally designed as a small wave board for medium to poor wave quality. We ran a low rocker with single to double concave running in to a double con vee release in the tail. Feedback from team riders told us the board was amazing in certain conditions but occasionally a bit sticky. We decided to increase the tail rocker a bit. The results have been amazing, and we ended up with a more versatile model. The wide point is centered and the board has a slightly advanced front hip line, the “FLT” is full up front but not as wide as our “Thug” in the nose. The tail draws in to what is a pretty normal tail line so the outline is very drivey. Thickness distribution was placed as in the outline a bit forward which adds to the overall drive of this model. This board ended up covering a much larger range of surf than we had originally planned on. Surf it from 1 to 6 foot.

Size in inch

5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, 5.10, 5.11, 6.0, 6.1