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Standard Dimensions

Length Width Thickness Liters
5’10” 19 1/2’’ 5/16’’ 28.1
5’11” 19 5/8’’ 3/8’’ 29.1
6’0” 19 3/4’’ 7/16’’ 30.0
6’1” 19 7/8’’ 1/2’’ 31.6
6’2” 19’’ 1/2’’ 32.6
6’3” 19 1/8’’ 9/16’’ 33.8
6’4” 20 1/8’’ 5/8’’ 35.0

Please choose your spray. In case of full board color, just e-mail us with the correct colour code to

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The Hitch” is a project that Nick has been playing around with for a while now.
The rocker, concave and thickness distribution are very similar to the “Catcher” which is one of our most popular and versatile models.

The main difference in the Hitch is the plane shape (outline) as Nick designed this to be a three Fin. The wide point as in the Catcher is placed forward of the center, but the draw in the back of the board is tighter and more suitable for a three fin set up.

Semente’s family member Miguel Fortes played a major role in developing this model. Speed, drive and stability in the tube are strong features of this board.
We suggest round or swallow tails. Great model for older surfers. Surf it from 0.5m- 3.0m size waves.

Size in inch

5.10, 5.11, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4