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Retro Twin


Standard Dimensions

Length Width Thickness Liters
5’2” 21 ⅞’’ 7/16’’ 33.4
5’4” 22’’ 2 ½’’ 35.5
5’6” 22 1/8’’ 9/16’’ 37.7
5’8” 22 1/4’’ 5/8’’ 40.5
5’11” 22 3/8’’ 3/4’’ 44.1

Please choose your spray. In case of full board color, just e-mail us with the correct colour code to

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Our Retro is a rehash of the classic old Fish Board from the 1970s. We have modernized the design running concave throughout the majority of the bottom, with a nice vee release in the last 10’’ of the tail.
This board (as most fish boards) is a high volume surfboard, extremely fast due to a very flat rocker and a lot of area and float throughout the board. This is a great model to add to your quiver whether you are a beginner or a pro. A must for mushy summer days when your shortboard doesn’t seem to get you moving. Features twin fin setup. For small waves 4-5 ft max.

Note: We use our original Semente logo on this model

Size in inch

5.2, 5.4, 5.6, 5.8, 5.11