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Testin Tubes 2022 Shortsleeve Shirt


The offspring of the Testin Tubes from our first collection. The same atmosphere for a different shirt & different rider. Let’s stick to the fine aspects of the design, when you see you know. Heads up for the designer!
Available in shortsleeve (grey) & longsleeve (grey/blue) shirts.

These products are all made with social and environmental responsibility.
More info: contact us.

2 days delivery time for Belgium


The summer of 2022, it will be one to remember. With more events coming up, a second slate trip & a new collection designed by our main mate from Newcastle (AUS). We can tell you how sick the shirts & sweaters look and feel but we would like to experience it yourself.
With a lot of variation in merch you will find what you’re looking for and discover the trifles.
Same quality, different colours, those are the ingredients for the summer.. ENJOY


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL