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Standard Dimensions

Length Width Thickness Liters
5’8” 18 3/8’’ 3/16’’ 24.3
5’9” 18 7/16’’ 1/4’’ 25.4
5’10” 18 1/2’’ 1/4’’ 26.0
5’11” 18 5/8’’ 5/16’’ 27.0
6’0” 18 5/8’’ 5/16’’ 27.3
6’1” 18 3/4’’ 3/8’’ 28.5

Please choose your spray. In case of full board color, just e-mail us with the correct colour code to

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I nicknamed Nicolau “the wild eyed kid” ages ago. It always seemed that his eyes were going 90 miles a minute, luckily his surfing runs at the same speed. Whether its competitive surfing in small beach breaks or free surfing in huge waves, his surf is explosive, spontaneous and solid all the way around.” This new model is Von Rupp’s small to medium wave board. It has a full hip in the outline front and back of the center drawing in tight on the last 12″ of the nose and tail to keep it sharp and snappy for carving tight arcs and for quick top to bottom surfing. The rocker entry is smooth and low for fast paddling. The bottom is single concave to keep a nice curve along the rail line. The deepest point of the concave is mid board to increase speed. The model carries quite a bit of floatation but tapers down to a low boxy rail. The tail and nose have been thinned for sensitivity. This board is a good small wave board and should be dependable for surf up to 5ft. Nicolau’s 5’11’’ x 18 ⅝’’ x 2 5/16’’ squash tail with 27,0 liters. Board can be adjusted to suit your height and weight without changing the quality of this designs main features. Nicolau’s comment on the model: “Nick Uricchio is my shaper since I was 14, so he knows my surfing very well,” Von Rupp said. “We’ve been doing tests since the beginning of the year fine tunning this model. The board is very responsive in top to bottom surfing and also versatile in any kind of waves. A surfer always needs good boards and I am very happy with this model for my free surf sessions or to reach my goals in contests”.

Size in inch

5.8, 5.9, 5.10, 5.11, 6.0, 6.1