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SLATE’s second trip

A couple of meetings with the crew, the riders & the hosts and here we are in Caparica, Portugal, enjoying SLATE’s second surf trip..
With some new riders in the group the level was set combined with a good forecast on the schedule.

We started with a heavy 2.5 meter wave that made us struggle to catch the line-up. The first broken board was a fact and we didn’t even started with the coaching sessions, this must has been a sign! After that, the wind went droppin & the swell kept us pumpin. I think the pictures will show you guys how much fun we had and more importantly how much we’ve learned. We could blame it on the delicious food, the “lekkere Wimpie” or the Yoga lesion but let’s say the coaches were capable of making the riders go for that extra mile. With a hard sun & some perfect 10’s, we finished the week very decent. Let’s say SLATE will be remembered by the Caparicans..With a big smile, new friendships and a bag full of new skills we were ready to sail home!

Special “obrigada’s” to the coaches, the Semente shapers, our crew & the hosts.. Cheers!
✏️ by Alex