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Stormraider Shirt


Everyone that has been surfing in the North Sea will confirm the fact that whenever it’s big, it’s stormy.. Our Stormraider shirt will fit perfectly in this environment of whitewash waves without any buffers and a strong current. But after all we like it that way, don’t we?

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From the Southern Hemisphere we cross the big ocean back to the roots of the brand.  Starring Soene as our local designer and creator of this new collection. This summer collection will give you a Polynesian feeling, where the choice is yours. Whether you’re a person who likes the elementary things on a shirt or a conscientious individual who sort out every detail on a design.

We introduce the “Stormraider” and the “Maori” as two shirts that will comfort you during this summer! With these basic background collars they’re everyday shirts, both short sleeves.

Enjoy it..


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